DIY Elbow Patches

Revamp a sweater, cardigan, or long sleeve shirt with elbow patches! What’s great about this DIY is the endless possibilities of fabric pairings. There are lots of tutorials and ideas out there here’s just one.


  • Sweater/article of clothing
  • plaid, leather, or contrasting fabric for patches
  • needle and thread
  • straight pins
  • scissors
  • pen/chalk/marker
  • ruler/measuring tape

1. Choose article of clothing and fabric for patches. I used two old sweaters, plaid scrap from old pajama pants, and also bought some plaid fabric from Hobby Lobby.

IMG_0592 IMG_0593

2. Print or draw your own patch templates. I printed the classic oval and also some hearts. Trace templates over plaid and cut out.

IMG_0594 IMG_0595.








3. Mark on sweaters where your elbows are with chalk or a straight pin. Then pin down patches.

IMG_0597I asked my mom to tell me how they looked and which arm looked best. Another pair of eyes is very helpful!

4. After, measure from the end of the sweater to the elbow patch and match on other arm to make sure they are even.

IMG_05965. Once the patches are pinned down in the places you want, start sewing the patches down. I just did a simple running stitch and I double threaded the needle to make the stitching strong. This is a great video to learn 5 common stitches.








IMG_06136. Wear it out on the town!IMG_0615craft on.




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