The DIY from Hell

It all started with an email my older sister sent me of an item from Etsy that she wanted for Christmas. Mason Jar Organizer.I figured I could make something similar myself and I found DIY directions online. But this proved to be the most frustrating craft I have ever done.


slab of wood        nails      leveler     chalkboard spray paint

mason jars           pack of metal hose clamps


1. I bought a piece of craft wood from Micheal’s and spray painted it with chalkboard paint.


2. After you spray paint it measure and mark with chalk where you want to put your jars

IMG_1639    IMG_1660

3. So first what I tried was to drill a screw threw the metal clamp like the directions online say. Only problem is that it didn’t work. No matter which of my Dad’s tools it just wouldn’t work. I tried to hammer nails through one of the slits but nothing was thin enough.


4. Then I came up with the brilliant idea to use a staple gun!


if they stuck out a little I just hammered them in.

However, when my parents were transporting the gift to my sister’s apartment in Chicago the whole thing fell apart. Back to square one. I refused to give up!

5. Finally I was able to find some tacks and thin nails to secure the jars


This finished product didn’t come together till 5 months later due to me being away at college and my sister has transferred to NYC. Now the real test is if this craft will hold up in the mail. At this point I’ll buy her one from Etsy if it doesn’t work. You have been warned, this is the worst craft I’ve ever attempted.

craft on.


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