Picture Frame Accessories Organizer

College life, man. A big aspect of college outside of campus is the living space. First you’re in a cramped dorm room and soon you’re moving into a cramped, usually very old, apartment with some friends. Limited space is a catalyst for clever organizing ideas. The less you have to worry about losing you’re belongs, the less stress you’ll have. I’m always losing my bobby pins so I created this hair accessories organizer.

I went thrift shopping with my friend Mary and stumbled on this gem

IMG_1506It was only $5 so I punched out the back, embroidery design, and glass

IMG_1507Painted it white

IMG_1509At Micheal’s I bought a magnetic tape roll for $5 to hold bobby pins

IMG_1645I used some spare ribbon around the house, too.

Arrange the ribbon and magnet strip to a desired design on the floor

IMG_1646Mark where you want them and hot glue those suckers down. staple gun will probably work too

IMG_1647I used a box cutter to trim up the magnetic strip


hang it on the wall in your room or bathroom and you have a cute accessories organizer. Less stress plus you won’t have to worry about always buying more bobby pins.

craft on.






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