Nail & String Art

Are your walls looking like barren wastelands? Looking to make a homemade gift for someone? Welcome to the world of Nail & String Art my friends!

I got this idea from a coworker. She said she was making letter nail & string pieces for all her new roommates.


  • wood panel/cork board
  • paint
  • string/yarn/thread
  • nails and hammer
  • stencil

1. I bought my wood panel from Micheal’s for about $10. You can also use scraps of wood which might be cheaper or cork board. Then I painted it black

2. I printed and cut out the stencil I wanted to use for my design and taped it to the wood.

3. Start hammering nails outlining your design. I liked to use really thin short nails. After remove stencil.


4. Tie on an end of the string to a nail and start crisscrossing around and in-between your design. Keep your string tight.

5. Tie off another end of string to a nail to complete.

6. Then I used decorating wire and a staple gun to make it so I could hang these on a hook or nail

7. Hang it on the wall and enjoy!

These make great birthday, graduation, or christmas gifts!

craft on.


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