Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween season is the best time for crafting! Sure you could buy a costume at Party City or show up in lingerie and animal ears, but where’s the originality folks? A Halloween costume is ten times more fun/awesome when you have made it! Here are two clever costume ideas for you:

Street Costume:


  • Black over-sized shirt cut into dress
  • yellow felt or other kind of fabric
  • hot wheels cars
  • hot glue gun

you could also add little street signs to the dress if you want to get really into it.

Jackson Pollock Painting Dress:

1. Get a white dress/shirt cut into dress, or in my case a $3 long white skirt from Good Will

2. I cut a seem and sewed it up to make it tighter on top so it wouldn’t be falling down when worn like a dress

3. I wanted the dress to have a high-low/fishtail skirt to it so my roommate helped me pin it and I cut out the shape.

4. Gather the paint you want to be on the dress and some paint brushes

  • I would suggest going outside because splatter paint can get messy

5. Get your inner Jackson Pollock on

Jackson Pollock broke the ice with his splatter paintings. He helped spread abstract expressionism and popularized action painting. He is known for placing the canvas on the ground and using nontraditional brushwork and nonrepresentational subject matter.

“On the floor I am more at ease, I feel nearer, more a part of the painting, since this way I can walk around in it, work from the four sides and be literally ‘in’ the painting.  — Jackson Pollock, 1947
  • I was stupid and didn’t think I would get paint on myself and I ended up getting it ALL over myself and ruined my nice mizzou sweatshirt and nice leggings. That being said I highly suggest you wear clothes you don’t mind getting ruined

6. Let it dry out. Belt it. Wear some bright tights and heels. Look good.

You’ll look so sophisticated and will be sure to have intelligent conversations about art and post-modernism as you sip on your $6 bottle of blackberry wine.

craft on.


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