Spare Jewelry to Hair Accessories

Ever lose an earring and can’t find it? Well what am I supposed to do with the other earring now? Don’t throw it out! Your spare earrings and jewelry can be upcycled into simple hair accessories.

1. gather some spare jewelry and bobby pins. I bought special craft ones from Hobby Lobby for like $3.

You could also go to Goodwill and buy some cheap broaches/jewelry to use

2. Use pliers to detach earring backs and broach clips

3. Hot glue your jewelry onto bobby pins and wear em out!

I also found this bow on a clearance end cap at Michael’s that I think was supposed to be for a necklace

craft on.


One thought on “Spare Jewelry to Hair Accessories

  1. Very cool. I always have single earrings and have got into making artworks out of odd bits of jewellery. Collages to make pictures out of beads and other cool items that I’d normally chuck out. Those clips are so cute. I might have to try it and get a glue gun.

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