Upcycle Your T-shirts

As I graduated high school and looked forward to the great unknown that is college, it was time to do some prioritizing. Namely, which clothes should I try to fit into my tiny dorm room? I had tons of t-shirts I had collected throughout my high school career and even though I knew I couldn’t wear or bring all of them to college, I wasn’t ready to throw them out either. So I set about to make a t-shirt quilt. That’s still in the process as I do not own a sewing machine… However, as I was cutting up my t-shirts I was left with tons of scraps and didn’t want to throw them out.

Enter Makeit-Loveit. She gives you an easy step-by-step process on how to turn t-shirts into headbands. I don’t have a sewing machine and had too many t-shirts to sew them all so I used a hot glue gun instead.

Here my lovely friends model my creations.

These made awesome graduation gifts; I made so many I still give them away as gifts. This project really opened my eyes to upcycling. Things change, trends and fads come and go, and people grow up. But we don’t have to keep throwing our money away when you can reinvent something.

reduce. reuse. UPCYCLE.


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