Crayon Art

By now everyone has probably done this craft thanks to Pinterest. I love how TFM describes that site:

Pinterest is essentially the online bastard child of a sorority girls scrapbook, a poetry club, and a wedding registry.

Read more at TFM
I love that people are getting into crafts but it annoys me when I constantly see girls on that site in class or their pins show up in my newsfeed. Maybe it’s the hipster in me, but I heard about crayon art before you were pinning it sister. I really got inspired by the crayon art idea from another WordPress site
I took the idea and made a Christmas gift for my friend.
bought canvas from Micheal’s on sale, traced and painted the bird.
hot glue the crayons on and hit it with a blow-dryer
I just used some blue-painters tape. pretty simple. great gift or dorm/apartment art project.
craft on.

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